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Business Opportunities

Agency Opportunity

For qualified transportation professionals, Wellmax Logistics Company offers a unique agency opportunity. Our sales are based almost entirely on the efforts of independent agents throughout the United States and the world. As an authorized agent for Wellmax, you have the opportunity to sell a complete array of transportation services including sea cargo, airfreight, full truckload and chartered aircraft.

All of this and you remain completely free of the initial business start-up costs associated with joining a franchise. With Wellmax, there simply is no cost involved in bringing your existing or future client base to the best transportation and logistics service the industry has to offer.

Your independent agency with Wellmax will allow you to develop your customer network and receive compensation for the business referred to Wellmax. Best of all, they remain your customer. Every time they ship, you receive compensation. As a business owner, your company can instantly provide an added value service to your customers that keep them calling you instead of your competition.

Are you the owner of a trucking company, a pack and ship company, or maybe a van line affiliate? Do you receive occasional or frequent requests from your clients for transportation services your company is unable to provide? What do you do with those requests? Do you give the business away in the form of a free recommendation? Well no more!

Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call. We will answer all of your questions concisely and confidentially. How do we handle billing and receivables? How much revenue can you expect to generate? Many more details await your request for information about our authorized agency program; but having said that, one should not under-estimate the simplicity of the partnership we propose.

Contact us, and you can start booking shipments with Wellmax today!

Telephone:   1-516-931-6000
E-mail:   customersvc@wellmaxlogistics.us 


Independent Contractor Program
Wellmax has created a company that offers tremendous opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. By developing excellent relationships with customers, vendors, and partners, Wellmax has been able to achieve consistent financial success, year after year.

Today, Wellmax is a strong contender in the transportation industry with an unsurpassed network of top-level professionals both at the corporate level and in the Independent Contractor locations across the nation.

With one of the strongest sales forces on the street, Wellmax is competitive and experienced beyond industry standards.

Wellmax is a company that respects change, individualism, and enthusiasm ? qualities that are tantamount to successful Independent Contractor leadership.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Wellmax, an Independent Contractor looking to open an Wellmax location, please send your contact information, your ideal office location, and your expected time frame to become an Independent Contractor to Wellmax' Corporate Management Team.


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