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  Shipping & Logistics Services

  At Wellmax Logistics Company Limited our focus is providing you with a single solution for all your international shipping and logistics requirements without ever losing sight of our main objective, providing the competitive transportation and logistics service tailored to your exact needs.


Ocean Freight Service

Wellmax Logistics Company Limited is a licensed Ocean Freight Forwarder and N.V.O.C.C. With an unsurpassed global network, Wellmax Logistics handles all aspects of ocean shipping from door-to-door and sea to shining sea.

Complete FMC and OTI capabilities.
Full Container Load (FCL) & Less than Container Load (LCL) services.
Competitive Pricing & Flexible Sailing Schedules.
Customized routing ? port-to-port and door-to-door capabilities.
Shipment status and tracking provided on each shipment.
Documentation services.
Customs clearance.
Worldwide global partners.

Value Added Services

Contract / PO management.
Projects and charters.
Buyer?s consolidation & Buyers? consolidation.

Air Freight Services

Wellmax Logistics airfreight service offers scheduled Air, Sea & Air with all kinds of features.  Our system enables customers to obtain or monitor accurately the actual status of their freight while it moves through the logistics supply chain cycle times.

Expedited (direct air carrier) and consolidated options.
Airport-to-airport & Door-to-door.
Shipment status and tracking provided on each shipment.
Documentation services.
Customs clearance.
Worldwide global partners.

Customs Clearance

Wellmax Logistics' experienced, licensed customs house brokers will provide our customers hassle-free customs clearance services and professional solutions customized to specific customers' logistics requirements.

Warehousing & Distribution

Wellmax Logistics offers a full range of warehousing and distribution functions and services.  They include distribution assortment, cross-docking, "just-in-time", sequenced supply synchronized delivery management, and in-transit mixing product support.

B2B e-Commerce

Wellmax Logistics will be soon ready to conduct B2B e-commerce with our customers and strategic partners for data-flow, information flow, and even financial flow linkage in the Supply Chain Management.

Other Core Products, Services and Consultancies

Cargo Insurance
Licensing & Documentation
Letter of Credit & Banking Service
Global Logistic Management Consultancy
Global Product Sourcing Consultancy
USA Importing & Exporting Consultancy

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Shipping & Logistics Services

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